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Welcome to Great Plains Country!  We're glad you are here!  Whether you are planning your 1st trip to Southwest Oklahoma or looking for fun things to do for a weekend getaway;  you can find it all right here.  We offer information, ideas and specific details about places to visit, dine, stay and shop.  

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Great Plains Country is home to ancient mountain ranges, immense prairies populated with buffalo herds, Plains Indian history, cowboy culture and Route 66.  This region of 14 counties offers great adventures and will delight travelers with life-long memories.  Enjoy the great outdoors with daring rock climbing feats or simply relax at one of our beautiful state parks.  You can also step back in time when you visit the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center and experience the Wild West or travel to Indian territory and learn about the First Nations TribesRoute 66 is sure to please with charming small towns, eccentric landmarks, roadside diners and fascinating museums.

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